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We will provide clients with an integrated, cost effective and comprehensive approach to assist the management with its residential portfolio in China.


德國迪倫生態別墅推介會 More
德國迪倫生態別墅 More
日本東京高級公寓上海推介會  More
世界陸上で中國が9個のメダル More
吉隆坡凱賓斯基服務的品牌高級公司上海展示會 More
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Jing An Residence 8
Total 156 units will start leasing in Oct! ...
Jin'an, Shanghai More
Chester Court at Gubei
Chester Court located in the heart of Gubei...
Changning, Shanghai More
One Prime
Si Chuan Rd(N)
Hongkou, Shanghai More
The Emerald
On Hunan Rd
Pudong, Shanghai More
Amenity Garden
Located in Pu Dong New Area
Pudong, Shanghai More
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